Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie1

Baby it is cold outside! And, I am not even kidding! The second snow, in as many days, is falling today with a prediction of 1-3 inches expected…this on top of the 4-6 inches already on the ground AND 1/2 of ice underneath. I know this does not sound like much to folks in areas where they receive tons more, but around here it is a bit unusual.  Continue reading

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A Snow Day in my Kitchen

A Snow Day in my Kitchen

Does it snow where you live? Kentucky does not have a lot of bad winter events, but occasionally we get a winter storm that brings ice, sleet, and snow. I live far enough from my work place that inclement weather sometimes poses a problem and creates a driving hazard. Since I am not the bravest driver in the land, I opted to call today a snow day and stay home. Continue reading

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Pumpkin Ice Cream for After-Christmas Blues

Pumpkin Ice Cream1

Merry Christmas! All of the family celebrations are behind me for 2017 as I ease out of the hectic season. I am spending the day at home alone…just me and the fur-babies. The past month has whirled past me with constant planning, purchasing, wrapping, and baking/cooking intermingled with an already stressful time at work. Now that life can slow down a bit, I thought I would post a recipe for Pumpkin Ice Cream that I meant to post during the Thanksgiving holiday.
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Hash Brown Casserole

Hash Brown Casserole1

It amazes me how life can be so crazy busy that you look up one day and it is Thanksgiving. I am positive that only a couple of short weeks ago it was summer, the flowers were blooming, and yard work was the main focus. Now it is Thanksgiving with lots of good food is in order and Christmas is knocking at the door. I have a new Hash Brown Casserole in my arsenal of recipes that I have been dying to make. What better time than Thanksgiving to give it a try?

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Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017

Today is Halloween 2017!  Same as years past, I purchased tons of candy to hand out to the little Trick or Treaters. I live in a rural area and seldom ever have any little ones knocking at my door. So I did the same as every year…over load on sugar with tons of leftover candy! 🙂 Continue reading

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