Life’s a Beach

Life's a Beach

Yet another fruit tray creation called “Life’s a Beach!”  The Beach is not my favorite past time, but is a big drawing place to a whole lot of people.  I made this fruit tray for my niece, April who requested it for a wedding with a beach theme.

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Lemon Pound Cake

Lemon Pound Cake

Snowed in again!  Hello…bring on Spring already!  Enough is enough!

Actually, I shouldn’t be whining about the weather because it has not been THAT bad this year.  It just seems to have all come in the last three weeks, instead of spacing it out over the entire Winter months.  I suppose it could be worse…like in Boston!  I truly feel for the people in Boston!

While I was snowed in and at home today, I decided I needed a little sunshine in the kitchen and in my tummy!  What better than a delicious slice of Lemon Pound Cake and a great cup of coffee.  Two of my most favorite things!

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Old versus New

A couple of years ago, I purchased two Rubbermaid Closet kits for the Master Bedroom Closet.  And yes, I procrastinated on installing them for a long, long time.  They faithfully stood in the corner of the garage, just waiting, and hoping to be put to the use they were intended when I purchased them.  I would walk past them occasionally and say to myself (if there was no one there to listen), “I really need to get in gear and do something with those kits!”

Many things got in the way and the next thing I knew I had forgotten about the two lonely little kits patiently waiting for me to wake up and do what I “once upon a time” planned to do with them.

Well, in an attempt to keep myself busy and after all, organizing is what the first of a new year is for, I finally started preparing the Master Bedroom Closet for its’ long awaited makeover.

But, before you view the pictures from the “old verses new”, please keep in mind once you feast your eyes on the wallpaper in the old closet that I was young and stupid when we built the house and I wanted the closet(s) to “match” the bedroom, so I installed matching wallpaper AND matching border…yes, I said it…even matching border in each closet!  What a mistake! [Read more…]

Snowed In

Today is truly the only significant snow we have had all winter and boy was it a doozie!  Since this area has been declared an Winter Emergency, I elected to stay at home and be snowed in!  There were several chores that needed my attention and I saw no better time than today.

For example, I have been busy for the past two weeks, re-working my closet (post to come later) and finishing that kept me busy most of the day.  I did; however, manage to take a break and snap a few pictures of the area surrounding my house.  Granted I did not venture too far out of the house for fear of falling.

For some reason, my eye was drawn to the small mound of snow inside my outdoor fireplace this morning and I could not decide whether it reminded me of an alien from outer space or an Ant Igloo…what do you think?

Ant Igloo


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