Waldorf Salad

Waldorf Salad

I am crazy about this Waldorf Salad which is similar to my Chicken Waldorf Salad in a previous post, but without the chicken of course!  When you are indulging on lots of heavy foods, such as dressing (or stuffing, depending on where you live), casseroles, gravy and tons of desserts, it is a refreshing break to eat a light, crunchy salad.

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In Memory…

in memory

Dear readers:

I have truly struggled with the words in this post for several weeks now.  Finally, I think I have found the courage to explain my absence and to put into print the sorrow in my heart at the passing of my beloved husband, Kevin.  At the young age of 53 he was taken away from me to serve his Lord in Heaven, but in turn leaving a huge void in so many lives left on earth.

As I wander aimlessly and lost from room to room in our home, I feel an emptiness here that only he filled and I am still finding it very difficult to believe that I will live the rest of my life without him.  The void at his passing will always remain, because of all the lives he so lovingly touched over the years.  He was a wonderful and giving man in that he was always thinking of others and never thinking of himself.  He was quick with a joke and even quicker with a beautiful smile…not ever meeting a stranger.

My life has been so blessed to have had him as my husband for 25 happy years of marriage and I cling daily to the memories we created during that precious time…all the family vacations we took together, all the meals we ate together, all the times he made me laugh!  I weep as I write this and hope my words express how much I grieve over the loss of such a loving man.

The words “honor thy father and thy mother” were never more true than the love he had in his heart for his parents.  Not a day, in the 25 years of our marriage, did he miss stopping by to make sure they were alright and that they had no needs or wants.  He  impressed me early in our relationship at how much he respected and deeply cared for his parents and family.  In seeing that love for them, I knew deep in my heart that he would also love me unconditionally.

All of the expressions of sympathy from friends and family has over-whelmed me and his family, so we wish to thank you for the thoughts and prayers you have given us in our time of sorrow.  May God bless all of you!

Although I still have emotionally bad days, I am praying for the strength to slowly move on.  Moving on does not mean I will stop missing him, stop thinking about him, or stop loving him.  Each day brings sweet memories of the time we shared and he will be apart of my life until my life is no longer.  After all, the love of someone’s life only comes along once in a lifetime and he was mine!

You will most likely see my blog morph into a different venue or perhaps “cooking for one,” but I am praying about that too.  I have been mulling around some ideas for the direction I should go.  I feel Kevin watching over me from Heaven and I trust he will eventually guide me down the right path.

In the meantime, please have patience with me…I will be back once some of the pain goes away.





English Pea Salad

English Pea Salad

Plans are made to be broken, right?  I had visions of spending the whole day rummaging around in the kitchen and making great things for the 140th Kentucky Derby!  Instead, my plans were quickly changed when we decided to go to my mother’s old house and clean out the basement and garage.

I did manage to make this English Pea Salad to take over to the in-laws house for a Kentucky Derby dinner of fresh garden onions, radishes, white beans, corn bread, and Pork Tenderloin!  Delish!

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