Minnie with a new haircut

Today was haircut day!  Well, for the Belgium horses anyway!  These gentle giants typically have their manes clipped back in the Summer months, which makes them look so much neater and not to mention cooler.  Isn’t she a beauty?  Not bad for an old gal!

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The horses…minus one

The Horses

These three ladies are the only remaining horses on the farm and I have introduced to you them in previous posts.  They are resting their tired old bones under this tree, because they are getting on in years.  They have been around a long time!  Typically horses live a natural life of approximately 20 to 30 years, if they have no complications in their health along the way.

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Spring has Sprung

Orchid Blooms

Yes, Spring has Sprung for 2014!  This beauty is oblivious to the outside weather because it is the star bloomer of my Sun Room! I am thrilled that it decided to put forth gorgeous blooms to usher in the warmer weather of the Spring!

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