Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath

I was in our local home improvement store the other day (Have you noticed, I am there a lot!) and noticed their Halloween decorations.  I focused in on the Halloween wreaths and almost bought one, until the domestic side of me kicked in.  After looking it over carefully, I decided I could make one better and less expensive, so I left the store on a mission to Hobby Lobby.  I thought how hard could this be!

Of course, this was my first attempt at using the mesh ribbon in a wreath and therefore, I had no clue what to do!  In spite of my lack of experience in the mesh ribbon category, it does not look half bad.  All it took was 1 spool of mesh ribbon, a strand of Halloween garland, a metal wreath form, and a few fall fake pumpkins.  The metal wreath form was already black and had the “pipe cleaners” included for wiring on the mesh ribbon.  I simply bunched up portions of the ribbon, secured it to the wreath form with the provided pipe cleaners (moving all the way around the wreath), randomly attached the garland (using the same pipe cleaners as the ribbon), and attached the pumpkins with the wire that was provided with them.  And I have a Halloween Wreath!

I might also note that this wreath cost me approximately $10.00 more than if I had just bought the one at the home improvement store…not to mention my time.  Oh well, it is an original and is more in keeping with my taste!

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