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Welcome to All Things Home Related!  Contained in my website, you will find lots of things that I love to do such as cooking, baking, and organizing; just to name a few.  I love to dabble in anything relating to the home…sort of a domestic geek, you might say!

So, who am I?  Well, let me tell you little bit about myself!  My name is Ronda and I reside in Kentucky.  I have not always been a Kentuckian though…I lived my younger years in Missouri and on a whim, moved to the California coast-line to live for seven years.  Yearning to get back to the southern hospitality that only this area can offer, I packed up lock, stock, and barrel and moved to Kentucky to find my real home and to be near my parents.

Tobacco BarnI live on a busy farm, complete with two dogs, three horses, tractors, pastures, timber, fences, and oh, did I mention fields and fields of crops (i.e., soybeans, corn, and hay).  Most of my days are spent either tending to the animals, moving plants around in the yard (and trying new ones on occasion), pottering around my home….and basically trying to keep ahead of the chores. There is always something to do or that needs fixing!

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But in the middle of the work on the farm and around the house, I try to find time to relax over an awesome meal…a highlight of the day, so to speak!  A truly marvelous meal, that is etched in the memory banks and conjures up flash-backs from the past, while using recipes from loved ones or a special person.  Some of the recipes are from my past, some of them are from my friends and/or family, and even some are from other chef’s kitchens and cookbooks, but I always give credit where credit it due.

Yes…I am a confirmed “foodie” by evidence of this food blog.  My love for food all started at a very young age and I enjoyed every minute spent in my mother’s kitchen.  Over the years, that feeling of fulfillment has not changed.  Therefore, I felt the need to express my passion for cooking and my love for domesticated interests in a journal-type atmosphere.  For my creative outlet, I chose blogging in October 2011 and that was the beginning of All Things Home Related.

I am very pleased to be able to present recipes from my collection for your enjoyment!  For the coupon clippers out there, simply click here to gain access to savings.  I also invite you to share your comments, questions, and ideas with me, as I cherish each and every one.

Please continue to join me on my culinary journey and the happenings in and around my home, garden, and farm!  Visit often and stay long!!

Peace and Love,


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    Hello Ronda

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    Teri: Thank you! So glad you came to visit me! R

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