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Baked Spaghetti and my Boy, Bailey

Do you know the feeling of craving something so bad that it is all you can think about? Today’s craving was Italian. I had all the ingredients on hand and even had homemade spaghetti sauce (see recipe here) in my … Continue reading

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Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Baked Potato

It is fascinating how something as plain as a potato can be magically transformed into a satisfying and delicious meal! I have mentioned before how it would be easy for me to become a full fledged vegetarian. For dinner, I … Continue reading

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Beer Cheese and Rods

Over the course of several days, something kept creeping back into my brain night after night…a dip fix was just around the corner.  Maybe the recent baseball games encouraged the thoughts, but whatever the reason my Beer Cheese and Rods was … Continue reading

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Grilled Cheese with Bacon

Nothing says comfort to me like a Grilled Cheese sandwich.  Today was a hot and lazy day, so I decided to treat myself with a little comfort.  I started dragging the ingredients out of the refrigerator, when my eyes focused … Continue reading

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English Pea Salad

Plans are made to be broken, right?  I had visions of spending the whole day rummaging around in the kitchen and making great things for the 140th Kentucky Derby!  Instead, my plans were quickly changed when we decided to go … Continue reading

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